Boxing. Lebedev - Jones. Knockout in 11th round 17 may 2013
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May 17, 2013 (17.05.2013) in Moscow at "Crocus City Hall" was a big boxing night in which defended its title boxer Denis Lebedev The battle within the first heavy weight between 33-year-old Russian Denis Lebedev (25-2-0, 19 KOs) and 41-year-old Panamanian Guillermo Jones (02/03/39, 31 KOs). At stake is the title of a full-fledged fight standing champion of WBA heavyweight champion in the first, which owned the Lebedev. Jones went up to this fight in the status of the so-called champion on vacation, which awarded its leadership WBA, staying in very close relations with the Panamanian promoter Don King. And in the 11th trehminutke held denouement of this spectacular fight. First, the referee stopped the fight Stanley Christodoulou meeting and led by Denis examination to the doctor, but he gave the nod to continue the fight. However, at the end of the 2nd minute after a strong blow to Jones hematoma Lebedev stopped and seemed to try to give some kind of signal to the referee. But to sit on the knee would not let him following Panamanian inflicted blows. Denis fell and Christodoulou began to count it a knockdown. Although the Russians managed to barely get up before the end of the reference, the referee made the right decision to stop the fight, awarding the TKO Jones. Lebedev has lost the title of world champion, who again returned to the experienced Panamanians. Is to pay tribute to the courage of Dennis, who fought long as he could with such a person threatening injury, but the team of the Russian boxer can not be some hard questions. Promoter pm Hryunov performed. It will be quite interesting to hear what he has to say an audience of millions, which will ask him only one single question: "why"?
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