Boxing Klitschko - Povetkin. Round 12 October 5, 2013
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Boxing. Fight Wladimir Klitschko - Alexander Povetkin. October 5, 2013 (05.10.2013) in Moscow. Thus , all three arbitrators expected rate this battle 119:104 in favor of Vladimir Klitschko, Alexander Povetkin who wins by unanimous decision and remains the world champion in the heavyweight division in four different versions. Ukrainian boxer looked fresher , more tactically trained and won absolutely the case . In this on -line report is completed. Thank you and Good luck !/nRound 12 . ( The twelfth round) . The last, decisive round ! Klitschko immediately went ahead and got a left straight. But Povetkin did not give up. Just three minutes at the disposal of Alexander to pull out a victory . Klitschko acts rather monotonous , trying to catch the opponent on the left counter . But Povetkin already adjust to the way Ukrainian. Apparently , he decided not to risk Klitschko , earning a victory on points. In the middle of the round, both fighters got a break , due to the fact that Povetkin had problems with gloves. Again pushed Vladimir opponent. Without sanctions by the referee . The real cutting the ring in the end of the fight. All final bell ! We are waiting for the official verdict of the judges. But it seems that victory Klitschko looks unconditional .
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